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Like our parents wait for us to be born and shower their life with happiness and fullness, they feel the same about our marriages. As beautiful and divine as the birth of a child, so is the marriage a union of two souls and families. Not only the bride and groom but the whole family want the marriage to take place at its best. With ultimate dedication and efforts put by the family to make it the best one, one thing that completes is having someone professional and trustworthy to capture the same. Who does not like to watch and enjoy their marriage and the real behind the scenes? Well, Shan Photography has got it all covered. With years of experience and carrying professionalism on their sleeves, we have mastered whole wedding photography, all functions, pre-wedding photography , wedding albums, live streaming, and films as w ell.


Along with the wedding, we also have hands-on experience in the pre-wedding sector as well.

Pre Wedding Events

Indian weddings are completely very different from all other types of weddings. The reason behind the different types of functions carries some beautiful meanings that our ancestors have given us a legacy to celebrate and take it forward to the next generation. Yes, Indian weddings have different functions in a row which are celebrated in order just a few days before the wedding. However, each and every function takes place with different rituals.

We at Shan photography cover all the pre-wedding photography events as well. Below mentioned are the ceremonies that we cover other than weddings:


It all starts from here! This is the very beginning of the whole wedding in the first place. Considering Indian ceremonies, this is the first ceremony where the bride and the groom’s family meet to finally take things forward with blessings of the family to both. Families bring shagan and sweets. This is quite an enclosed ceremony that is limited to the family of the bride and groom. But it never goes without being captured!

Engagement (ring ceremony):

The ring ceremony is held after the roka where the rings are exchanged between the bride and groom. These two do need a professional wedding photographer to capture the event so that they can put their beautiful pictures on their social media with the rings and heart emoji! People actually wait to do these little things because nothing can go without being posted on social media nowadays! For that good quality and attractive images play a major role! It is quite common these days that families ask for muhrat from the pandit or the priest for further roles.

Haldi Ceremony:

As mentioned above, every ritual or ceremony has its own significance. The Haldi ceremony takes place at both the bride and groom’s homes. It is the very first ritual in the wedding ceremony. The significance of this ceremony is based on turmeric (Haldi) which is considered very pure. It signifies good health and good luck. The haldi paste is made by mixing turmeric with several other elements like curd, rose water, sandalwood, mustard oil, lemon juice, milk, etc. This auspicious occasion has its own importance and we cover it likewise. Most of the people and the bride and groom as well choose something to wear in yellow or mustard color to match with the occasion.

Pooja/ Path:

Some people skip to Mehendi occasion after haldi, however, there are a lot of people who decide to have a pooja or path at home as per the Hindu/Sikh tradition. It is held with a belief as of a new beginning with blessings of God and removal of any obstacles or evil things that might get in the way. It is a divine way of welcoming happiness with the grace of God.


This occasion is held at the bride’s home. Most of the family members and close friends are welcome and gathered at this occasion. It is held a few days before the wedding. Henna has gained its popularity across the world, it’s no more limited to occasions in India. The hands and feet of the bride have Mehendi applied in the form of a beautiful design. Also, family members and friends get this done too making themselves part of the happiness. Women nowadays have their own creative ways of posing and dancing in the lehnga in the Mehendi ceremony. How come such beautiful moments can go missed? A professional Indian wedding photographer knows how to cover every moment and do a proper portfolio of the bride with her henna!


This must be one of the favorite ceremonies of the bride, her friend, and her family. It is highly celebrated amongst north Indian families. This is one of the most enjoyable ceremonies filled with music and dance. The Bollywood essence finally adds up to the wedding! Sangeet is where most of the families get to enjoy. Ladies sing wedding songs, dance on them, and lots of pictures of course! Two people can actually make this ceremony more memorable, one is a wedding photographer to capture the whole ceremony and a choreographer to take the dance performances to next level.

Cocktail/Bachelor Party:

Ask any married couple, they must have had their own happy memories of their bachelor party. This is a party which mostly includes cousins and friends. To reminisce about the good college and school days, childhood, and lots of fun indeed.

How can we forget the pre-wedding shoot?

Indian weddings have changed a lot in the way they used to be celebrated in the era our parents were born in. Pre-wedding is the modern way of having something to celebrate your marriage, to cherish those golden moments at any stage of life. You’re just a click away from reliving those beautiful memories. However, it is very important to get the photo shoot done by someone who can actually nail it. At Shan photography , our team has years of professional experience. You can contact us to get in touch and get a free quote!