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Located in Puget Sound along the Pacific Northwest of the United States, Seattle is a city that is surrounded by mountains, evergreen forests, and beautiful water features. Thousands of acres of various parkland and sites like the futuristic space needle are popular tourist attractions. Other areas such as the Chihuly garden and glass Museum, Park Place Mountain, and Puget sound itself have become popular attractions for local residents and tourists.

Many people choose some of these previously mentioned attractions and more when they are planning their wedding shoot. May-October usually serves as some of the best times to get married in Seattle. This is because the weather in Seattle Washington can quickly change after October. If you are committed to getting the best shots of your wedding possible, you should pick out a Seattle wedding photographer that has been working in the industry for some time.


Seattle wedding photography with a company like Shan can be a much more stress-free experience. The Seattle wedding videographer services that are available here alongside photography can also make sure that you can capture your entire Seattle wedding as though it were a magical romance film.

Shan wedding photography also has plenty of experience capturing specialty ceremonies as well. As experts in Indian wedding photography throughout Seattle Washington, they can work to film any type of cultural ceremony. Framing the ceremony as an Indian wedding photographer in Seattle is not always easy without experience. With the team here, you can be covered through every element of your wedding.

Shan wedding photography delivers its Seattle wedding photography services in surrounding communities as well. You can find us also working in:

Woodinville, Redmond, Newcastle, Bellevue, And more

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