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You and your partner must be waiting for this special day since the time both of you confessed your feelings. New beginnings actually give butterflies and it’s all happiness around. We cannot really keep the moments but we can definitely save them in pictures and relive them later whenever we want. Hiring a good Indian engagement photographer is definitely one of the most important things of an engagement. You cannot really let go of your special day without having almost every moment being captured. Shan Photography provides multiple services related to engagement like an engagement shoot, pre-wedding, locations, and assistance. You must have seen couples have those clichè poses in their engagement albums, however, our professional photographer will help the couple not just for posing but different ideas regarding clothing, themes, and location as well. Since a couple of today’s time have high chances of being on social media, they would be excited to post those happy engagement ceremony photos from a real photoshoot by an Indian engagement session. And who doesn’t love having pictures from a professional camera? No one.

Can different types of engagement photography sessions be covered by the same photographer? Yes, at Shan Photography it’s completely possible!

It is no surprise that couples use engagement photos in their wedding invitations and why not? You can actually discuss the same with your Indian engagement photographer. We at Shan Photography cover engagement photography sessions, pre-wedding, and couple photo sessions as well. We have done multiple engagement photoshoots for years, especially Indian Engagement, which counts as our expertise.

How much do the engagement photoshoot costs?

Mostly, this one is included in the wedding package. It’s a good thing if you keep your engagement and wedding photography the same. One of the major reasons is that the photographer at your wedding who has already shot your pre-wedding and engagement will have more understanding of the couple and that definitely affects the wedding photoshoot. Therefore, if you’ve hired the same Indian engagement photographer for Indian wedding photography as well, you should get a quote or estimate as a whole from the company. Our rates are very genuine and are very realistic about the same. You can contact us to know more.

Who will look for locations for photography? It’s on us! You just sit back and get ready for the best pictures.

The location has its own significance when it comes to photography. You wear the most beautiful clothes and even get good lighting but if the location is not good then the whole photoshoot can actually be ruined. Shan Photography is in this field for years and we have proper ideas of locations which one serves the best as per the demand of the couple. You don’t have to worry about the location as we provide ideas for the locations as well. Just don’t forget to tell us about any idea or preference that you have in your mind! In addition to the same, if you want the photos to be shot at a place of your choice because it is a part of your love story, that would be great! For example, a photo shoot at a coffee shop where both of you first saw each other or met. Pre-wedding shoots are mostly made to depict the love between two souls, so why not add pictures from where it all started?

Do I have to watch a full video tutorial on wedding or engagement poses? Of course not! Shan Photographers will help you with that.

Posing in front of a team or some people whom you don’t know properly can actually be quite awkward. However, we have ideas for you that can actually ease up the tension for the same. You guys can pick up the favorite book of each other’s choice and get a photo of the same as you guys read. Also, using props is another good idea. Like slogan boards, party accessories, etc.

How to choose colors? What if we choose the wrong ones? Relax. Our photographers will discuss the theme with you then you can plan the colors accordingly!

As much surprising as it sounds, we can help with colors as well. How? Let your engagement photographer know about your ideas for the photographs. For example, if you want some retro style photos you should tell the photographer regarding the same so that they click your pictures in monochrome. Whereas, if you want some Bollywood touch in your photos, we can actually have some solid and vibrant colors in the pictures or in the background to create that effect. There is no end to our ideas, your trust in Shan photography will be worth it. Considering the wardrobe section, as per the trends these days most couples choose neutral colors, because of their aesthetic vibes.

Timings are discussed before time. Don’t worry!

Timing is very important to be discussed as everyone has their own jobs to go back to and other plans. Especially for the couple, who already have a wedding ahead, there are multiple things to be done which is why we prefer discussing the time for the photo shoot beforehand. Moreover, as per some of the shots, there are chances that some might need to be shot in the golden hour or in the late evening as well. Whether shoot is under the starry lights in the night or beautiful sun, it shall be discussed for sure. As much as we are committed to our work, we are committed to the time as well!

What to wear for an engagement photoshoot?

Engagement photographer reveals that decent outfits actually add more to the picture. Engagement photoshoots do not require you to wear something very heavy or flashy. It’s good to have a subtle and elegant look for the photo shoot. Try to choose colors that are subtle, soft, and neutral. Mostly red and orange colors are highly recommended to be avoided for engagement photoshoots. These colors are beautiful for a wedding but for an engagement shoot, it can be a little too much. Being engaged is no less than a milestone and we at Shan Photography put our hearts and hard work altogether to help you celebrate it in the most beautiful way. Indian weddings and engagement are something we all know, people like to celebrate it on just another level. This is not just a work for us but we understand the responsibility and trust that the client invests in us which is way more ahead than money. We make sure that you get to reminisce the most beautiful days of your life in the best photographs to take you through memory lane!

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