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Chicago houses ample number of venues to host a perfect wedding. Just like our very own Indian weddings, each venue is unique in its own way and offers multiple options to couples in terms of their looks and decor. With this thought in my mind, I envisaged that in my project everything should go according to the venue, which was being chosen.

The beauty of the place, Hilton Chicago, was further augmented by the perfect lighting. Also, the decoration was so strongly giving the feel of a typical Indian wedding that it caught everyone’s attention – the chandeliers, mandap, elegant floral backdrop, hanging of fine linen, etc. We had to visit the place twice so as to deliver the best possible outcome. Though there was a bit of anxiety on my side as I was expected to capture their most-awaited moments in their wildest dreams. The couple approached me as one of the finest Indian wedding photographers in Chicago. Certainly, the expectations were sky high.

The couples were also a bit jittered as the final day approached. There was a condition to deliver the work on time as the family members were departing soon after the wedding. So the process of partial editing started simultaneously as the work went on. We ventured into new territories, took risks (to bring out something extraordinary) and spared no effort to capture every event of the day in its entirety. No wonder in the end, I made the couple happy with their memories restored to them forever.

We also provide best Indian wedding videographer to our clients. Our videographers capture every essence of the day that is beautiful, candid and emotional. We revel in freezing your magical moments that also touch our souls and hearts.

Here is what they have to say.

“My wedding ceremony was just like a perfect fairy tale and it is all because of Shan photography. This awesome photographer knows how to capture special moments and hold it in frames. All the pictures of our pre-wedding shoots took us back down to the memory lane. Our wedding pictures included each and every one of our family members and no one is disappointed. Especially, my mehndi ceremony was captured perfectly and all poses were picture perfect. The interviews taken by him from my parents and other relatives was heart touching and it brought tears to my eyes after watching the video. The song sung by my husband made me realize the strong love that we share with each other. Both of us received a lot of compliments from family and friends. I always had a dream of making my wedding a picture perfect one and Shan just made it possible for me. He also delivered the pictures on time showing his punctuality. I and my husband both are recommending Shan for wedding photography as he knows how to capture special moments on special occasions.”

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Indian Wedding Photography In San Francisco | Roshan & Priya

Wedding bells are always special, be it for the girl or for a guy. After a life of the bachelorhood or a spinster, this is a phase which acts as a gateway for a new life. A new person, a life partner or the better half is welcomed and a new life begins. The journey of life is a roller coaster, but when you actually reckon about the life after marriage, it is a sheer bliss. The happiness, the joy, the love and care, the compassion that the couples share is something splendid and thus makes it the most special of all the relationships.

Wedding preparations extend for months and years. The day which you have always dreamt of and the day for which you’ve been waiting for all your life has actually arrived. But how do you plan for it? You’d not want to have any discrepancy or any loopholes when it comes to planning and preparation. Your guests are very special. Your day is very special and you cannot take anything for granted. Indian weddings look very grand and royal when you do it at the perfect venues.

San Francisco is a beautiful place and it would be ideal for the wedding. Be it for a royal wedding or destination wedding, this place is the most sought after all the places for hosting the weddings and such celebrations. But when you hear us say, that is the most beautiful place, you would actually end up thinking it would cost you a mint! But luckily, you’ve so many places in San Francisco that are very reasonable and affordable. The San Francisco wedding venues look picturesque and they are spectacular. The decorations and the lightings add on to the beautiful scenario. San Francisco has numerous wedding venues and some of the best affordable venues are as follows.

1. Hotel majestic – This place is known for its beautiful landmark building and the stunning hotels. They look pleasant and attractive. The lighting and the decoration add a new jovial and a bright look to the place. Usually, the Indian weddings are colorful and they look so lively. You can have this venue for any Indian Punjabi wedding and you can hire an Indian Punjabi wedding photographer, Modesto CA. The colorful vibes and the musical atmosphere of the Indian Punjabi wedding, at this venue, will give you a beautiful album with lots of memories, compiled by the Indian Punjabi wedding photography, Modesto CA.

2. Contemporary Jewish Museum – This is one of the best places that looks captivating. The venue after the decorations and the settings are done looks breathtaking. You can add themes to the location. There are various museums in San Francisco, but this is the best one for the wedding. It is because the place itself is huge and gives space for breathing. If you have swarms of guests attending the wedding, you could actually finalize this place for the wedding. Indians usually have a long list of people to be invited to the wedding and this could be the ideal place. For any Indian Punjabi wedding Yuba city, CA this could be the best one of all.

No matter wherever the wedding is, you’d certainly want the Indian Punjabi wedding photography in Yuba city,CA to be done and for this You’d want an Indian Punjabi wedding photographer in Yuba city, to record the day and make memories with the candid pictures of the shenanigans. You could easily find one

3. The pearl – The banquet halls with the glistening lights makes it look fabulous. You can have weddings and all the events post and pre-wedding too. The Indian weddings IN San Francisco looks so delightful and rejuvenating with the colorful vibes that it projects in the atmosphere. With the colorful decorations and themed parties, wedding events, Indian Punjabi wedding photography union city is a must and you cannot forget to hire an Indian Punjabi wedding photographer union city.

4. Four seasons hotel San Francisco – The ballroom and the banquet halls are the highlighted features of this venue. You can avail all the facilities here in this venue. Imagine an Indian Punjabi wedding in this hotel, with the colorful decoration and hues. Wouldn’t it be marvelous? How about the Indian Punjabi wedding photography Hayward, CA? The album would probably look like a fairy tale. But this fairy tale would be in a ballroom with the Indian Punjabi bhangdas and dhumkas. However, You’d love the fusion!

5. Presidio event venues – you have almost all the facilities here in this venue. If you wish to have your wedding church or a chapel, temple or a hall, you can avail all of them at this venue. It becomes easier as you don’t have to look out for other places for other events during the wedding. When you have an Indian wedding, there are a series of events and ceremonies that takes place. Some are in the temple and some in a chapel and the rest happens in the open backyard or a hall. But these seem to be very interesting if you have the venues perfectly organized for the events and ceremonies.

Amid all the preparations, don’t forget to hire an Indian Punjabi wedding photographer, Modesto CA. The Indian wedding photography is very imperative at these weddings as that’d the only way with which you could save and store all your memories and happy moments.

6. Cityscape, San Francisco lounge – You can have all your late night events here. You also have a private club wherein you can enjoy and party during the wedding. For all your friends who love to have some craziness, this place is ideal for hosting the wedding. The lights, the drinks, the flowers and the decorations add up to the frisk and you’d wish the night to last forever. But you know, nothing lasts forever! How we wish!

7. San Francisco design center galleria – This is the place ideal for the late night events and weddings. You can have the place decorated with lights and this looks spectacular at night with those shiny bright serial lights.

8. Legion of honour museum – Popular for the historic and landmark building, this place is a wonderful place most suitable for the wedding. If yours is an Indian wedding, which requires various places and setting for the different events, this would be an ideal place of all.

9. Dogpatch wine works – This is for the wine lovers. If you want to have a wine centered wedding, wherein there’ll be wine and settings done in such a way that it’ll be available in the entire location, you can opt for this venue. If you have a traditional group of guests who don’t drink coming in, you can make segments in the venue for the people and have a peaceful and happy wedding.

10. Hotel kabuki – For availing all facilities for your wedding, and for having all the events in a single place, you can have this wedding venue. The parking place is huge and there would be no delays and confusions occurring during the time of parking. Your guests will be welcomed with a warm greeting and they’d not have to return with the grumpy smile due to the insufficient parking place at the wedding venue.

Amid all the preparation for the wedding venues, catering services, a list of the guests, etc. ensure that you do not miss out to arrange for the wedding photographer in San Francisco. If you wish to have a wedding videographer in San Francisco, you could actually look out for one. For any wedding, be it for the Indian or Western, Punjabi or Sikh, Muslim or Pakistani wedding, especially for all the types of Indian weddings, you certainly need an Indian wedding photographer in San Francisco.

Indian wedding photography San Francisco is all about clicking the candid moment and cherishing the photographs throughout the life, re-living the moments all again in the pictures. Indian wedding video films San Francisco, is a very good option for the ones who wish to secure and save the moments under the albums and films. You can relish and live them anytime you want to, even after decades. You can easily find out the Indian wedding photographer in San Francisco. The professional Indian wedding videographers in San Francisco are easily available with their profiles and portfolios. You can select the one, which you find remarkable and suitable for your wedding.

If you are having a Pakistani wedding, you’d be willing to have a Pakistani wedding photographer in San Francisco. If you have a Sikh wedding, you’ll probably prefer a Sikh wedding photographer in San Francisco. And likewise, if you’re a Punjabi, you’ll want a Punjabi wedding photography San Francisco . But do you know why it is religion specific? It is because you have various events and the celebrations vary depending upon the religion and custom. Having specifically them for the photo shoot would not only make you feel comfortable to let them work during your wedding, but they’d also know all the nitty-gritty details of the wedding and thus capturing all the important and minute details during the event.

For an Indian wedding, various ceremonies like Sangeet, Haldi, Mehendi, Puja, reception are something that you cannot miss. You certainly need to have an Indian Punjabi wedding photographer, Stockton, CA if you wish to have all the details captured on the album. If you could actually view the album here, you could find out the various events that we captured during Roshan and Priya’s wedding in San Francisco. During the Haldi ceremony, Haldi or turmeric with some other ingredients is applied to the bride and the groom. The guests, relatives and friends apply the turmeric paste, one by one, on the arms and face of the bride and the groom. This ceremony marks the arrival of the big day for the couple and this ceremony is for making the bride and the groom’s face glow with joy, beauty and happiness.

Then comes the Mehendi ceremony. The pictures we�ve clicked during the Priya’s wedding shows how fun and entertaining the events of the Indian weddings are. Mehndi or henna is applied to the palms of the bride and the relatives also get applied to their palms. This Mehendi ceremony can be either after haldi or before the Haldi ceremony. It depends on the religion, custom and tradition.

The Sangeet event is an entertaining one where you�ll find music and dance all the time. You just have to groove to the music and get yourself on the floor. The dance moves and the romantic songs will make you fall for your beloved. The event is planned earlier and the dances are practiced by the couples. The couples present them for the audience during the Sangeet. Roshan and Priya have had a wonderful time and it clearly shows it on the pictures.

Then comes the actual wedding day. There�s Puja in few customs and there is directly the wedding ceremony in some. There are various ceremonies like Gath Bandhan, sathphere and many more ceremonies that fall one after the other during the Indian wedding, ending at the reception.

For capturing the candid moments, making yourself live them all over again and again, you got to hire the best wedding photographer and the video grapher for the wedding. You can enjoy the wedding ample times if you have them saved in the albums and films.

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Indian Wedding Photography Chicago Kriti & Mathew

“Marriage is special and we wanted to make sure that the essence of each moment of ours was captured with perfection. Our search for the best Indian wedding photographers in Chicago led us to Shan Photography. We happened to meet him in one our close friends’ wedding ceremony. His artistic approach and way of taking pictures with technical precision really left an imprint on our minds. So we decided to hire Shan for our wedding day too believing that he will not disappoint us.

We were provided with completely professional and highly creative services at each step of the journey right from the engagement party to the wedding. During this time period, the photographers were flexible and fun in their approach, ensuring that we were comfortable throughout.

Now that we look at the pictures, we find ourselves reliving each and every moment of our marriage. All the moments were captured in a classy way with perfect lighting and vivid colors, making sure that every picture tells a story.

Thank you Shan Photography for ensuring that the precious moments from our special day will stay with us for all our lives.”

The city of Chicago itself has Indians living in large number and they are staying there in harmony irrespective of their different religious and social backgrounds. I chanced to meet one of the families from a close friend of mine. They told me that they were looking for a great Indian wedding photographer in Chicago and my name was suggested to them.

Well, in the first place I did not know whether I was best for them or not, but this is for sure that they gave me every room for development both in terms of my technical specifications and my approach towards their work. It is not always the fault in the subject or the equipment that results in a bad photography. It majorly depends upon the approach and the thematic representation of the idea that lay the situations in order. I visualized a proper story for their wedding and even hired a professional editor to edit both the technical and aesthetic sides of the work.

True to the fact that I am very technical and methodical in all my projects and I used this opportunity in Chicago to showcase the best of my capabilities. I captured their most glorious moments with an inch of perfection. I know for sure that the couple will enjoy having a glance through their album over a cup of coffee.Their Indian Hindu wedding Was In Westin Hotel, Lombard, IL and Indian wedding Decoration was done by Dream Occasion, Hanover Park and Reception party was rock by DJ Alladin.

When it comes to the best Indian wedding video graphy in Chicago, we strive to provide high-end videos, especially tailored to suit the requirements of our clients. You create the day and we capture the memories of that day with distinctive and creative styles. Our finest cinematic videographer ensures that you relive the whole experience every time you unroll the video.

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