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A wedding is a series of magical moments when two souls that love each other, become one. And the wedding photos are the only means through which the couple can relive those moments forever.


This is exactly why wedding photos must be authentic and real; a true reflection of the moment and the people living the moment. Weirdly enough, couples often complain about not looking their best in their photos and having had to pose awkwardly for portraits. We are here to tell you, you don’t have to do that anymore.

At Shan Photography, we truly believe in preserving the complete authenticity of the moments in wedding photos. We seek to tell your love story through natural and wholesome imagery to give you a real and authentic reliving experience every time you look at your wedding album. We are a fully equipped and professional wedding photographer in Chicago providing services all over the US and we give you the real love story. No more fake poses. Let’s partner and create something special for your wedding.

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We cover the moments that matter with great precision

Wedding photography is definitely an art that requires great dedication and passion. You only get one chance to capture each important moment on a wedding day, which means you have got to get them just right on the first take. There is simply no room for errors or omissions.


The last thing you need is a wedding album without a single picture of you with your Maid of Honour or your best friend. At the same time, you also want to make sure that you film the most priceless emotions like the look on your father’s face when he gave you away or the happiness on your bridesmaids’ faces when you throw the bouquet. Clearly, you need an experienced and professional Chicago wedding photographer that understands the value of every single moment at your wedding.

The Shan Photography team has been capturing amazing wedding moments since 2005. With over 17 years of experience to our credit, we can confidently say that we are experts in choosing crucial moments to capture. Whether it is the look on your groom’s face when he sees you in your wedding dress for the first time or the gorgeous corsages on your bridesmaids’ hands, we have a dedicated team of professionals who would go above and beyond to give you the finest pictures from your wedding day.


Here is an overview of the kind of moments we love to capture.

The bride and the groom getting ready

The anticipation and excitement in the dressing rooms are not to be missed by any chance.


There are many happy, emotional, and simply beautiful moments that need to be captured with great precision such as the steamed and ready-to-wear wedding dress on a hanger, the look of the bride’s mother when she sees her daughter in the wedding dress for the first time, bridesmaids and other family members putting on their corsages, the veil, the tiara, the necklace and many more.


In the groom’s room, there are more great moments like the groom adjusting his bow tie, the sparkle on his shoes, the groomsmen helping the man put on his coat, the shiny accessories including the cufflinks, the pocket square, and the watch and more. A few stills and candids of the bride and the groom along with their loved ones are great to capture as well.

At the ceremony hall

At the ceremony hall, we have more priceless moments waiting to be captured to perfection.


Starting from the bride walking down the aisle with the person giving her away, to the exchanging of rings to the first kiss and the reading of the wedding vows, the wedding’s most important and crucial moments happen at the ceremony hall. Along with these big moments, there are also a number of little moments that need their due attention, failing which the essence of the wedding experience is lost. These moments not only should not be missed but also must be captured from the best angles in the clearest resolutions.


At Shan Photography, we use the latest and best equipment in lenses, framing guides, movement guides, lighting, and editing to capture all moments with precision and timely accuracy. We also have thoughtfully planned photography teams set to cover crucial moments from different angles so that the moment is etched on film as it is for posterity. For example, as the bride walks down the aisle, we have separate photographers covering the little elements as well as the big elements, such as the front view, the bouquet in her hands, the back view and her veil, the look on the proud father’s face as he gives her away, the intricate detailing on the train of her wedding dress and many more.


As an experienced Chicago wedding photographer, we know just how important these elements are and how they make the union even more beautiful. Our team will let you enjoy the moments over and over again, in the years to come. Following the official ceremony, there are also a host of fun and fulfilling moments that make the wedding more special and worth experiencing, like the newlyweds walking back down the aisle hand in hand, the throwing of the bouquet, the confetti shots, the flower and page boys having the time of their lives and the like. Imagine going through these moments, years down the line, and thinking how lucky you got, to have had your friends and family by your side when you got married to the love of your life.

Wedding aesthetics and décor details

Perhaps one of the most time-consuming affairs in a wedding is planning and implementing the theme, the décor, and aesthetics at the venue. The bride and groom carefully and sometimes even personally pick out every flower, every piece of furniture, every piece of cutlery, and even the vehicles used in the ceremony. Some couples like to channel vintage vibes in their aesthetics with an old model Rolls Royce or vintage heirloom accessories or sometimes even a vintage wedding dress. The Shan Photography team absolutely loves capturing these little but important details at the wedding venue.


Our gallery has shots of beautiful elements from our client diaries, like the wedding ring in its case, the boutonnieres, the napkins and personal notes for guests on the dinner tables, the party favors, the lilies on the centerpieces, and everything else in between, each telling a wedding story of its own. We also include the reception party aesthetics in the package. The sparkling champagne glasses, the speeches, the heart-warming toasts, the wedding cake, the first dance, and the beautiful smiles on the faces of the guests are all enriching elements on a wedding day.

Time for the portraits

What’s a wedding album without some dreamy portraits?


When it is time to channel your inner Hollywood diva, we like to make you feel the most comfortable and relaxed because this is where we get to capture the most authentic moments of your love story. Unlike other Chicago wedding photographers, we like to create genuine romantic moments between you and your partner and not have you do some awkward cliché poses. For this, we like to film you as a couple from a variety of angles and positions, while you enjoy your day out or evening out with your partner. This allows us to see and feel your chemistry, which automatically translates into your photos. In the portraits session, we also include formal portraits of you and your loved ones. For this, you can plan your takes, and include everyone you need in your series. Our team will guide you in planning your takes and take all the important snaps worth treasuring. Some of these pictures may in fact be the most valuable memories of some people in your life.

Our secret to seamless and beautiful wedding photographs

When you come to Shan Photography with a wedding event in mind, we consider it our passion project. To get the best outcome, our entire team likes to put in their 100% right from our initial discussion. Once we agree on the partnership, you are not mere clients for us, but you transform into a family where we get to be a part of one of the most important days of your life.

Our connection

Unlike other photographers, we like to get to know you and form a connection with you before we set out to plan and shoot your wedding. This helps us understand your character, the things and people that are important to you, the bond you share with your partner, and your entire love story.

This kind of connection helps us better translate your love story through the pictures, which gives you a wholesome outcome. This also allows you and your partner to be comfortable and at ease in our presence.


Our partnership


Our connection further grows into a great partnership on the day of the wedding, which lets us snap some of the best pictures together. We want our bride and groom to be completely comfortable and relaxed and have the best time together in front of the cameras. And as your partners, we will help you look and feel your best in the pictures in every way.


Authentic moments


We are a Chicago wedding photographer that is all about authentic and natural moments at weddings. Our partnership ultimately allows us both to be comfortable with each other, resulting in the best outcome. We patiently click through to find your perfect moments as you and your partner simply enjoy the moments together. There is a win-win situation – we get some natural, authentic, and frame-worthy moments from you, while you get to just be yourselves and in love.

We are your most reliable Chicago wedding photographer

They say weddings take place in heaven. Trusting a photographer with the most important day of your life is indeed a difficult thing to do. You simply cannot afford to go wrong with your decision, as it is a once in a lifetime event. That is why we are your most reliable wedding photographer in Chicago. With our professional expertise, years of experience and best-in-class photography equipment, we will make sure that your wedding pictures turn out to be just as magical as your unique love story.


What is your style of photography?


We like to describe our style of photography as a kind of authentic artistic imagery. As opposed to what conventional wedding photographers do, we like to bring out the most authentic and real moments from a wedding through photographs. For that, we follow a personalized strategy where we get to know our clients well before we enter into the partnership, which lets our clients be the most comfortable and at ease with us. It also lets us

capture the naturally flowing moments of the day without anyone having to awkwardly pose or give fake emotions. In addition, we also put in a lot of thought and effort behind the aesthetics of the pictures and deciding the frames for wedding portraits. With over 17 years of experience, our professional team of photographers knows how to discover and create the most amazing frames for your wedding pictures.


Can I see a full gallery of pictures from a wedding?


Photographers usually showcase some of the best picks from a range of more than 1000 pictures taken at a wedding on their portfolio page. These pictures would be an ideal representation of the kind of pictures you can expect to receive at your wedding.

However if you wish to see more pictures to better gauge our expertise and style, we would be more than happy to show you our full work. As we mentioned, we like to form a great connection with our clients before we decide on our partnership, so that we have no compatibility issues.


Do you use your own lighting for the wedding pictures?


Yes, we have the latest and best in lighting equipment to complement the quality of our 4K camera lenses. We also like to use natural lighting to our advantage as far as the conditions allow us. For evenings and under-lit wedding halls or for rainy days, we use our best-in-class lighting equipment to make sure that your wedding pictures look as amazing as the wedding.


Where do you provide your services in the US?


We are a wedding photographer in Chicago and we provide our services all over the US.


Do you also offer videography for weddings?


Yes we do. We have our own talented in-house videographers to translate the magical moments from your wedding into authentic reels. We also have our in-house editors who combine their talent of visual storytelling to give you an immersive and cinematic wedding viewing experience.

Talk to our team to know more about our photography and videography inclusive wedding packages.

Do you include printed wedding albums in your package?


By default, we do not include wedding albums in our packages unless specifically required by our clients. However, we do have numerous clients who want old-fashioned prints and elegant coffee-table wedding albums, apart from the soft copies and digital albums, for whom we do provide the same.

You can discuss your requirements with our team and work out customized wedding photography packages to suit your budget.


How many images can I get from a photography package?


Wedding pictures are usually captured in the 1000s. We can provide 3000 to 5000 unprocessed images from your wedding day, however, when you pay for our photography package you also pay for image processing. This means we carefully pick and choose the best 500 to 600 pictures from your wedding day; which we guarantee will include one to a few pictures of each accurately captured important moment.


What kind of equipment do you use?


We use the best-in-class in photography, videography and lighting equipment to capture wedding pictures. To name a few, we have the latest in framing and set up including automatic gimbals, sliders and drones, 4K quality camera lenses including a range of zoom lenses and high-angle lenses and more.


How do you handle challenges at the wedding venue?


As one of the most reliable Chicago wedding photographers, we have a trained and professional set of experts to handle any type of scenario at the wedding venue. Our photographers are well-equipped and experienced in handling unique challenges of any photography location or venue. We have in fact had wonderful filming experiences in slightly rainy days and backyards for intimate weddings.


What is your pricing for Chicago wedding photography?


We believe in offering highly personalized services to our clients. Hence we offer customized pricing packages not only for wedding photography in Chicago but all over the US. Our prices depend on your requirements, the type of events you need covered, the number of people involved, the location and many more. Rest assured, you will find your best fit with us according to your budget and your wedding.

Contact our team to discuss your wedding today and get a free estimate.

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